By using the Bro N Me Bakery products & service, you deem to accept the terms & conditions that has been mentioned down below. In addition, we reserve the right to add, alter, delete and modify the terms and conditions at any point of time. Hence, we advise you to carefully go through the terms and conditions every time you shop from Bro N Me bakery. In addition, we also reserve the right to reject or perhaps accept your offer. So, below are the terms & conditions that you need to follow:-

  • We can change the availability and the prices of the products without any prior notice
  • We hold the right to cancel or refuse the order for the order placed for the product that is mentioned on our website. In addition, just in case
    the order has been replaced, then we would issue a refund in a span of
    24 hours.
  • We are not liable for any kind of bank fraud that might take place while you are making an online transaction.
  • In a scenario, if a non-deliver happens due to your mistake ( i.e. wrong
    address or name) , then the delivery charges would be claimed from the user itself who would be placing the order.
  • We would not be liable for any delay in the delivery that might occur
    due to events that are not in control of our hands such as acts of god,
    wars, fire, flood etc.
  • All the products mentioned on our website are properly screened for
    quality, standard, style, and composition that they represent. Further,
    we won’t be responsible for any losses, damages, expenses or Taxes that might be incurred by the customers for using our product.
  • We reserve the right to delete, add, modify various content information & other services that is available on our website at any time and in perhaps any possible way.
  • The user should agree to provide true and authentic information to us.
    Further, we have the right to validate and confirm the information that is provided by the user at any given point of time. Just in case, the user information is not true, then we have the right to reject their
    registration and perhaps debar them from using our services.
  • We won’t be responsible for any kind of damage that happens to the
    users by using our products & services present on our website. This includes loss of data from delays, service interruptions, missed deliveries due to their own negligence.
  • The product specifications mentioned on our website such as weight,
    color, size etc. that are mentioned with the product photos are just
    approximate. You can come across variation in the products & pictures.
  • We try to provide our customers with the latest information and thus we keep on changing the content as well as the products & services that are mentioned on our website from time to time.
  • The prices mentioned on our website are just for the internet orders.
    The availability and the prices of the items can change without any prior notice. Also, any prices that we have mentioned on our website may not indicate the actual selling price in your particular area.
  • We reserve the right for limiting the sale which also includes the right for prohibiting the sales to the re-sellers. In addition, we are also not responsible for any photographic and typographical errors.

So, just in case, you have any doubts, questions or confusion regarding our terms & condition, then you can reach out to us through our email id and we would be more than happy to help you out.

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